Thursday, December 18, 2008

Elena Schlener

As you know, all through the summer and in my newsletters I have been asking you to pray for one of our missionaries here, Elena Schlener. Elena was diagnosed with cancer earlier this year and she, her husband Phil, and their kids moved back to the States for Elena to get treatment there. The Schleners have been a shining light during this time. As Elena's condition worsened, she grew closer and closer to her Lord. Last night, God took Elena to be with Him, and she is no longer in pain. God has accomplished His purpose in her life and we thank Him.

I would ask you all now to pray for those left behind who must wait to see her again. Phil is her husband; her children are Chris (in the military), Jessica (college student), Erik (high school senior), Austin (high school junior), Louisa (high school freshman), and Matthew (5th grade). Please pray with me that they will especially feel God's peace and comfort during this time.

I ask that you would also pray for the students at the school. We had the responsibility of breaking the news to them today. Children are so matter of fact about life and death, but I just pray that they would see God through all of this, if not now then later in their life. The high schoolers have taken it pretty hard today as Elena was one of their teachers, the Bible study leader for the girls last year, and Erik, Austin and Louisa are their friends. I pray with all my heart that these events will bring these students closer to God.

I look forward to seeing all of you this weekend. We are all in need of the upcoming break.